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Happy Pets = Happy People!

Happy Pets Training will coach you regarding your pet dog’s behavior problems, helping you solve them through positive reinforcement.

We will work with you to develop a personalized training plan to improve your dog’s behavior and increase happiness in your household.


We will not only teach you how to teach your dog new things but also how to enhance your relationship with your dog by becoming their benevolent leader.

We rehabilitate dogs through behavior modification even the most extreme issues in dog aggression and dog anxiety.  This includes dogs that are aggressive towards people and/or other dogs.

We will teach you the necessary techniques to build your dog's confidence and enable them to relax in the presence of things that are frightening to them.


All training is accomplished through scientifically-based positive reinforcement techniques.


We are happy to include your children in our training sessions, helping to improve family-dog harmony.


We will show you how to teach your dog to come when called, walk on a loose leash, pay attention to you in distracting environments, greet people politely without jumping, wait at an open door for permission to go out, as well as sit, down, stand, stay, drop it and leave it. For fun we also teach a variety of tricks!.


We will provide you with an individualized behavior modification program that is specific to your dog's needs.


We will come to you. And we have flexible hours to accommodate your schedule, including weekends.

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Christine Flint, dog trainer in Pittsburgh, PA

Photograph by Sally Flint King

Happy Pets Training will coach you step-by-step how to teach your dog better ways to live peacefully and improve your relationship as you become their benevolent leader.  We do this by providing behavioral counseling services for pet dogs conducted with scientifically-based methods combined with decades of experience. 


Our success is the result of humane practice with positive reinforcement - that’s why we’re called Happy Pets! 


Our Lead Trainer, Christine Flint, is a dog behavior and training professional. She is Certified through Human Domain and completed coursework and hands-on instruction with Debbie Winkler, the Past President of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.


Happy Pets Training offers in-home private training lessons throughout Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas at your convenience - and now ONLINE.  Group sessions can be arranged too. 

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Christine Flint, dog trainer, Pittsburgh, PA

Photograph by Sally Flint King

Christine did private lessons with me and my dog Kiwi in my home.  Kiwi is a large, hyper, adult American Bulldog mix that acts a lot like a puppy so we had to start from the beginning with training.  One of our biggest problems was that Kiwi jumped on visitors.  This was dangerous since Kiwi is so big that she could knock someone over.  Christine taught us how to get Kiwi to sit politely and wait to be petted instead of jumping on people.  I truly didn't think that was possible!  It was a big stress relief for me because I was worried Kiwi would accidentally hurt someone.  My other big problem was that Kiwi would chew shoes and steal post-it notes when she was bored.  When I tried to get them from her she thought it was a good time to play tug.  Christine taught Kiwi drop-it when she picked up things she wasn't allowed to have.  She also taught me how to keep Kiwi busy so she didn't chew on things she wasn't allowed to have.  Kiwi loves her new puzzle toys as well as stuffed kongs, bully sticks, nose work games and antlers that Christine suggested.  She is a terrific trainer and I highly recommend her.   - Amy P.

Christine was my instructor for Companion Dog Manners class at Animal Friends.  She is a great teacher because she is always enthusiastic and seems to genuinely enjoy getting to know all of the dogs in class.  Our dog Lily was very reactive to other dogs and people in class.  She barked a lot so Christine set up a barrier around us so Lily could focus on us rather than barking at the other dogs in class.  We were able to teach Lily to give eye contact, sit, lie down, relax on her mat, stay, leave it and drop it.  She also taught us how to use different treats at different times depending on the distractions.  On the last class we were able to take Lily out from behind her barrier and do the agility course with the other dogs in class.  That was huge for Lily to have people and dogs moving all around her without barking!  We are very thankful that Christine was patient and understanding of Lily's special needs.  - Mary M.

Christine was absolutely awesome! One of our major goals was to get my children (7&3) involved with our new puppy. They've been afraid of her because she is so jumpy and nippy. Well, neither child was great during the training, but they were able to use what they learned from Christine the following day! They were both confident enough to hold her leash at a pet store/out walking!!! Which was a far cry from where we were 48 hours ago!! I have been so excited that it has not only worked out for me (one of our pups fave past times is nipping, and she has slowed down a lot on that account) but for the whole family. Our in home training was very convenient and the time spent training was great quality! Christine didn't just help train our animal - she taught US how to train her specifically, since she was so nip-happy. Over all, if we have any issues or need another training session, I will definitely be calling again! Could not be happier with the results from the techniques she showed us! - Jess I.

Christine trained my beagle and me! She showed me how to get Lily to do good behaviors and had me do them with her. She brought a lot of things with her to see what Lily would respond to. I am very pleased with the progress we made and I know how to work with Lily now. Christine invited me to call her if I have any questions or problems. I highly recommend her to train anyone's dog. - Linda G.

Very nice and friendly.  Showed us how to give commands and tips for settling our dog down. Would definitely recommend! - Jeane G.

Christina taught us many strategies to use to reduce our great dane's behavior of jumping on people as well as how to ease into use of the gentle leader for walking. Our Great Dane absolutely loved her and we look forward to working with her again soon. Thanks so much, Christine! - Megan B.

I asked Christine to help me with my four month old Mini Jack Russell Terrier. Just in one day, Christine helped me to train my dog which had improved my dog's behavior. Christine has a lot of patience, knowledge, and understanding of many dog breeds. I highly recommend Christine for anyone who needs assistance with his/her dog. Hiring Christine will provide you with invaluable tools to raise a great dog. - Robin P.

Christine has taught us effective methods to positively redirect our dog away from his undesirable (aggressive) behaviors. We would highly recommend her to anyone that needs help with training their dog. - Karen R.

Christine's help was invaluable.  I was truly at the end of my rope and was even considering re-homing my puppy.  She saved me from having to do that by giving me practical tools that worked.  She has made an excellent choice in becoming a dog trainer.  She has such a calmness about her and a way of making the animals feel comfortable.  I'm so glad we found her!  We appreciated her help more than words can say.  - Sarah D.

Christine was fantastic and super helpful helping me with my puppy and making me feel hopeful that I can do this. I want to have a well trained dog and I know it starts with her training now and I am well on my way thanks to Christine! - Rebecca H.

Christine knows her stuff. Good rapport with our Papillon. Her tips for feeding, and training are already helping us. Will continue with Happy Pets. - Michael A.

Christine really taught us techniques to deal with a jumpy, barky and nippy dog. Because of her, we feel more confident about how to properly continue to train our young pup. I highly recommend private training, especially from Christine. My family and me were very impressed with her ability to calm our dog and teach us humans. - Martin P.

We've met with Christine one time so far. She spent a fair bit of time asking questions and observing our dog so that she could provide the right recommendations. Following her advice, we went and bought more appropriate toys for a teething puppy, which has almost eliminated his destructive chewing. We are excited to continue to work on the additional techniques for potty training and responding to various verbal commands. - Amanda H.

Christine was very professional and kind. Very knowledgeable on the actions and reactions of dogs. We are putting her training into action and will follow up, with hopefully, positive results. - Maryfrances G.

Very knowledgeable and well worth the money. She knew why my dog was doing the things he was doing and she had many valuable ways to correct my dogs anxiety issues. - Henrietta D.

Christine problem solved with us regarding our concerns with our dog. She gave us ideas and items to help us reduce our dogs anxiety. - Sarah H.

Christine is great and is wonderful with our puppy. She had helped our family with so many tips already. I look forward to working with her. - Jess D.

I asked for help with walking our two dogs. We were provided with great techniques to use and learned so much! Looking forward to a follow up visit! - Denise J.

We are very happy with Happy Pets Training! Christine has really helped us introduce our puppy into our family. After one week working consistently with Christine our 11 week old puppy was 95% house trained, sitting and laying down. We continue to work with and be very happy with Happy Pets Training! - Jamie R.

Christine had to cancel our first appointment due to an emergency but that did not stop her from taking time to address my concerns, provide information, and support as a priority. Christine was genuinely concerned about the issue I was having and was nothing short of professional, knowledgeable, and supportive. Christine is very good at what she does so don't hesitate hire her, you will not be disappointed! - Lori M.

We have just started working together. So far it is going very well. Christine is friendly, professional, knowledgeable and beneficially connected with both of our puppies. - Lynn M.

We had personal dog training in our home and it was invaluable! Christine was easy to work with and came prepare with a variety of toys, treats, and great ideas. She obviously has a love of dogs! - Dan W.

Christine was outstanding! She was patient and genuinely interested in getting to know my 2 dogs and help with our situation. (introducing new puppy to established dog) She came with SO many wonderful toys, treats and puzzles and assessed our situation quickly. She offered me invaluable information from personal info to handouts to new ways to do things. She gave me confidence! Christine has a calm way about her, a calm confidence! Christine is prompt with her initial response as well as returning phone calls and setting up the appointment. She accommodated me within 1 day! Christine has equipped ME with the confidence and knowledge to make our home peaceful in the midst of the chaos of a new puppy. I will definitely be using her for puppy training and anything we need in the future! - Melissa C.

I am a dog rescuer and we always use a professional with our puppies in rescue. For this is a puppy our family adopted and in doing so she needs taught how to be a well behaved and balanced's my duty as her owner to help her thus we train with someone who knows all about it...and we prefer to support small business in our area. In the first meeting with Christine she taught me more in that two hours than any trainer I have used in the past. She was had a wonderful presence both on the phone and in person. I found Christine to be easy to talk to, very professional, highly educated on dogs and behavior, a force free trainer (which is all we believe in), SO kind & friendly and above all my dogs LOVED HER! We have hired her for ongoing training for both the puppy and our adult dog (who could use some advance training). I am thrilled with her as a trainer and as a person...I think she is fantastic and I highly recommend for anyone that has a dog. Do yourself and your dog a favor so you have a wonderful life with your BFF and hire Christine...I promise it will be the best money you will ever spend on your dog. - Kellie H.

Christine was wonderful and very helpful in helping us train our new Maltese puppy. She trained in a calm, loving way, and spent a lot of time talking with our family, giving recommendations. She is very knowledgeable, and I highly recommend her! - Lisa W.

Happy Pets Training was very helpful and great to work with. I highly recommend working with them, especially if you have a problem dog. - Beth B.

Christine is great with the dogs and humans. We have 4 dogs and two humans - I really like that she has worked with our puppies and helped us with our two adult rescues. Highly recommend! - Lauren B.

Christine was very nice to work with and our furry ones loved her. She brought treats/puzzles and really got their attention. She spent time explaining things to the whole family. We would recommend Christine for your pet training. - Laurie C.

Very knowledgeable. Very professional. And is very patient with the adult. That is who we are training. - Evelyn S. 

Christine was wonderful. She fit us in quickly and had so many tips and insights. The first visit was great and we are looking forward to the next! - Carol H.

Christine was incredibly personable, knowledgeable and informative. I am certain her techniques will be helpful in getting our dog's behavior under control. We appreciate her help. - Wendy W.

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Happy Pets = Happy People!

Happy Pets Training will coach you regarding your pet dog’s behavior problems, helping you solve them through positive reinforcement.

We will work with you to develop a personalized training plan to improve your dog’s behavior and increase happiness in your household.


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